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7 Sep 2017
Was in for lunch today (sept.7th) and ordered a dish with rice. Server asked which Naan I'd like (plain, garlic ,spinach)? I replied none. He said it comes with it; I replied I can't eat gluten. He indicated the gluten free Naan on the menu. I said it's okay, just the rice and curry. He assured me this comes with the meal, so I said fine. Upon paying, I saw the GF naan was charged to me. I brought this up with the server, and he said it's a package, that I must get all of these together. I told him I'd been coming for 15 years, and never had that imposed on me. He maintained his position and the charge on the bill. I sure hope this is not a new business practice; my 15 years of patronage will not persist with shady service as that.
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8 Nov 2015
Staff are very friendly and helpful. They go out of their way to make their customers happy. The food is of a high standard and is delicious. I would not order my Indian food from anywhere else.


24 Feb 2015
I went to your restaurant again..I love your food so much I could have it all day!


29 Nov 2014
Everytime i choose to eat indian cuisine/food else where if i'm not in town i always compare it to Shandhar Hut and nothing ever comes close in taste, service or overall experience. Its a great place to eat with great customer service and also the best take out available 7 days a week now! you guys are awesome and the food sells itself, i recommend this place to everyone.

Chilliwack, BC

8 Nov 2014
I have put you on my Facebook! We will be back to enjoy more of your fabulous food and atmosphere!

Flagstone St. Chilliwack BC

8 Nov 2014
Three things! The food was wonderful and the service was great. The way to tell if the food is good when you go into a PLACE IS TO LISTEN TO ALL THE HAPPY SOUNDS AROUND YOU AND TO SMELL THE AROMA! You should put a link up for Facebook I would put you on mine!

Flagstone St. Chilliwack BC

21 Jul 2014
Just wanted to say a huge thank-you to the awesome gentleman that just delivered the part of my order that wasn't heard when I placed my order tonight. I should have confirmed my order and noticed what was missing when my order was packed up in front of me, but I didn't . He was so kind and for that my very hungry family can eat!
Thank you very much!!

Jacquie O'Brien

12 May 2014
What a special treat! We went for Mother's Day and the food was delicious! We had so many different dishes that tasted wonderful! One can choose one's 'heat' and that was a bonus! The unique dishes made such a nice setting!

Bev and John Hood
Chilliwack, BC

3 May 2014
Your food is absolutely delicious - a real treat for us. We are so thankful to have such quality and authentic Indian food just down the street! Thanks for making some of the yummiest food in town!

Chilliwack, BC

16 Nov 2013
Excellent food ! We have been customers at your restaurant for over 6 years and i love your food. Tasty, consistent and always well presented. Well done Shandhar !!

Garry and Pauline Mulvaney
Chilliwack, BC

17 Sep 2013
I can't wait to be back and eat at the Shandhar Hut as often as I can! It's the best Indian food I have had!!


26 Aug 2013
Wonderful, tasty, just happy to be there, will come again.

100-mile house

4 Jun 2013
Went there today! It was delicious has always...Could live on Shandar Hut food!


4 Mar 2013
Just wanted to say I was so sad to see the news about the horrible email you were sent. You guys seem like such a sweet family and have been my favorite restaurant for years. We'll be praying for you all. Keep up the great work, we are glad to have you here!
Street:108-8955 Edward St
State/Province:British Columbia
Postal Code:V2P 4E2
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9 Feb 2013
This restaurant has by far the most amazing food in the whole world!!!! The owners and their children are so very kind and I just cannot say enough good words about Shandar Hut... Chilliwack is VERY lucky to have this place!

Shannon and Ryan Winczura
Mcsween rd chilliwack

28 Jan 2013

New York

5 Oct 2012
My best friend & I had dinner and OMG it was absolutely amazing - I had the Medium and it was perfect! I will defiantly be returning for more exquisite cuisine :)

Vedder, Chilliwack BC

29 Aug 2012
My husband and I love it. It works for our date nights and when we want to bring our children. I love that my son can eat food there too, without it being too spicy or hot for him!
Great service and very family oriented! When we brought our then 2 year old son with us, the staff were amazing with him!

I definitely look forward to dining there again. Food is superb.

Chilliwack, BC

18 Jul 2012
FANTASTIC FOOD! Plus, my hubby LOVES that he can order for his "baby mouth" too - not hot.

Chilliwack, BC

23 Jun 2012
Hi. We had take-out last night and brought it home so my husband and I could have a cozy date-night in... AND THE FOOD WAS UTTERLY AMAZING!!! with no side-effects from additives - which is an added bonus! I just wanted to let you know that and that WE WILL be back! ALSO - i tried to call you today BUT the 'phone call did not go through' - i tried 5 times, just so you know. See you again! Amanda and Eryn Moore
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9 May 2012
You guys are simply superb! I can't wait for my next dinner there.

Sardis, Chilliwack, BC

9 May 2012
I came for lunch today and had a wonderful experience. The food, the music, the aroma, everything was so perfect. Keep it up!

Chilliwack, BC

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